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Happy to invite our women community members to our upcoming meetup in partnership with Amiti Ventures and Israel Innovation Authority on How to Lead AI and Data Science Teams Effectively. 

The link to registration on our website is in the first comment.

18:30 - 19:00 - Gathering and Refreshments 
19:00 - 19:15 - Opening Remarks 
19:15 - 20:15 - Panel Discussion

20:15 - Mingling

Panel Abstract:

Regardless of the surge in demand for AI, according to the World Economic Forum, women are underrepresented in the field, making up only 26% of the data and AI workforce in the industry and fewer than 1% of the applications received by companies for expert-level positions come from women. An increase in the number of women team leaders in data science and AI will motivate more women into the field overall.  

In this talk, Ortal Dayan, founder and CEO of W-AI and Adjunct lecturer at the University of Haifa,  will lead a panel discussion on how to successfully lead teams in data science and AI. The talk will also feature Noa Lubin Machine Learning Team Leader at Diagnostic RoboticsAlexandra Dana computer vision lead at Samsung ElectronicsNaama Mayer Director of AI at and Rotem Botavia Development Group Lead at Dataloop AI.

Topics include how to transition into leadership positions, challenges in leading teams, and how having more women in leadership positions can assist in bridging the gender gap in AI.



NVIDIA GTC 2021 Panel Discussion

Online, 10th Nov 4:00pm-5:30pm 

How Can We Bridge the Diversity Gap in Data Science and AI? 

While data science and AI are the fastest-growing roles, women hold only a minority of these positions. According to World Economic Forum data, only 22% of AI professionals globally are women, and fewer than 1% of the applications received by companies for expert-level positions come from women. Bridging the gender gap in AI will assist in scaling up AI and raising the research level by increasing the pool of talent, as well as lowering the algorithmic gender bias by having more women training the algorithms. In this talk, join Louis Stewart, head of strategic initiatives for NVIDIA Developer Ecosystem, will lead a panel discussion on how to get more women into AI. The talk will also feature Tova Milo, a full professor of computer science at Tel Aviv University and the dean of the Faculty of Exact Sciences; Ortal Dayan, the founder of W.AI; and Nashlie Sephus, a tech evangelist at Amazon Web Services. Topics include causes, challenges, and how we can assist more women into the field—mainly by running community courses to strengthen theoretical understanding and programming skills, mentoring opportunities for receiving advice (both technical and for career planning), and supporting enrollment to advanced degrees with an emphasis on machine learning.

Louis Stewart, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Developer Ecosystem, NVIDIA

Nashlie Sephus, Founder,

Ortal Dayan, Founder, W.AI

Tova Milo, Dean of the Faculty of Exact Science, Tel Aviv University

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